NAPOLEON is the behind-the-scenes story of the Corsican commoner who rose from nothing to become Emperor of France. Told through the eyes of Talleyrand, the political mastermind who latched onto the young Napoleon’s rising star and placed him on the throne of an empire vaster than Rome, the drama unfolds as a clash of titanic wills. Talleyrand thinks he can manage the man he’s grooming for greatness. What he isn’t prepared for is Napoleon’s sheer force of character - and his obsession with Josephine. In the battle to come, Napoleon and Josephine will play out one of the world’s most iconic love stories, while Talleyrand will emerge as the devil incarnate. 

Napoleon premiered in Toronto as the largest ever Canadian musical, and since has conquered stages in New York, London, and Seoul to glowing reviews.

“What truly distinguishes this stunning musical from the rest is its phenomenal, operatic score, triumphant and celebratory and yet intimate at the same time.”

– Charged